Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who is Katie Lee?

I try to keep a watchful eye on the ever expanding universe of food personalities. Normally by the time I see a new face on T.V. they have appeared somewhere on my radar screen, normally on the print side of the equation. This may seem a little compulsive but everyone needs a hobby, right?
Yesterday a new face popped up that I had not seen before. Frank Bruni interviewed Katie Lee in a video for The New York Times Magazine, "How to Cook Up a Food Celebrity." It should be noted that while Mr. Bruni has been camera shy so he could remain an anonymous reviewer, he appears on video in this interview. Who the heck is she?
This doe eye beauty was married, for a bit, to Billy Joel and has had at least fifteen minutes of fame. It seems that during the Burger Bash at the New York Wine and Food Festival she competed and won with the grilled cheeseburger that she made during the video. The burgers look so good. She was unpretentious, genuine and laughed easily. I knew I must try a burger. I thought about extending an invitation for Katie Lee to come over to the house to make some. Since we don't run in the same circles and this lowly blog does not carry the clout of the New York Times, I did the next best thing. I listened to her recipe and duplicated them to the best of my ability at home. They rock ! Food Network you should hire Katie Lee before someone else does. I was right about Guy Fieri , trust me!
Logan County Burgers - recipe by Katie Lee
The recipe in Katie Lee's blog is slightly different than the one verbalized in the NYTM video.
Here is my adaptation of her recipe
1lb ground round
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/3 medium onion finely grated
14 slices white bread
4 tablespoons salted butter
7 slices Velveeta prepared cheese product
In a large bowl blend together the beef, salt, pepper, garlic powder,and grated onion
Measure and form 7 - 2 1/4 once balls of beef
Mash the beef flat to form very skinny five inch round patties
I made patties on parchment paper to make it easy to transport to griddle
Sear patties on a hot cast iron griddle until nicely browned and cooked to well
Butter seven slices of bread and place on medium hot pan butter side down
Place one slice Velveeta on top
Place one cooked patty on each
Butter the remaining seven slices of bread and place on top of patty butter side up
Cook as you would a grilled cheese sandwich on both sides until bread browns and cheese melts


Zoomie said...

Now you must tell us how you did it, please.

Greg said...

zomie -I updated with a recipe. Thanks.

cookiecrumb said...

You beat me, you bastard! I'm making these patty melts, too. I was so captivated. Yours look beautiful, but I will probably not use Velveeta (and didn't she use two slices of cheese, one on each side of the meat?).
Bravo, dude!

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb- sorry about that- you are correct she used two slices. I used so much butter I decided to cut back on the cheese. Velvetta slices were chosen on April's childhoon memory of grilled cheese.

Tupper Cooks! said...

Nice- I love me some patty melts and it's been a while since I've had one. Great recipe. thanks for sharing-

P.S. I've been using the Velveeta slices on my Philly Cheesesteaks and it works well. I know it's a cheese "product", but if it enhances the taste, bring it on.