Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You Had Me at Bacon

Today I was inspired by Jamie Oliver and  made a bacon sarnie, also know as a bacon butty. My take on the recipe is pretty simple, crisp cooked Boar's Head bacon and buttered rustic sourdough. You could add some ketchup but why? Easy peasy!
Bacon Sarnie

Monday, November 10, 2014

Behind the Wall

Reliving our trip to Portland while curating my photo collection. We stayed in the Pearl District of Portland which was once quite industrial. Our hotel room, at the Marriott Residence Inn Pearl District,  had its own kitchen. This is a  great neighborhood for gourmet foods and wines. It was also near some great happy hour places with cheap drinks and food. I was nice to live without a car and have all the amenities nearby. The hotel was just five minute walk from the train station, so no need for even a cab. Public transportation rocks in Portland! When we ventured downtown it was short wait for for inexpensive streetcar ride. Just a few blocks away from the hotel was this great wall from an original building that had been saved and was beautiful with the patina of age.
Importantly for us food obsessed the building behind the wall houses a number of food businesses. Our favorite is Hot Lips Pizza. We arrived at lunch and salivated over the selection goodies. You must try the Waldorf pizza with walnuts, apple and blue cheese a killer combo. They also deliver to the hotel. Good times!
Hot Lips Pizza - Portland Pearl District

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Fog Cutter

The fog had just lifted literally  and figuratively as I sipped my coffee. The table decoration at the cafe was a ray of sunshine on its own.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Blast From the Past

I know summer is over but photographs stay fresh forever.
Summer Feast

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bay Trail Photo Walk About

We took advantage of some very beautiful weather over the weekend. Avril got her very own DSLR and we swore that we would  do more, what we call, "Photo Walk About." It means to grab camera, get off the couch and take pictures! We tried a new walk at the  Hamilton Field portion of the BayTrail. On what was a military airfield there is a beautiful community of homes and businesses. The trail overlooks what was the runway for the airfield. It has been returned to marshland habitat, home to a large number of birds and is a perfect place for photo opportunities.Here are some of my shots.
Hamilton Landing Novato, Ca.
Hamilton Airfield Novato
Fall Color Novato, Ca.
Bay Trail Novato - San Francisco in the Distance

Bay Trail Novato Ca.

Bay Trail Novato

Of course all this walking and  photographing had us hungry, so we mulled over our choices for an early lunch. We wanted to try a new place and had heard good things about Mi Pueblo in Novato, so off we went. I ordered the two taco combo  and Avril the super nachos. At under $10 each we were surprised at the huge portions! We ate and ate and still took home huge containers of wonderful food. The refried beans were the best ever!
Mi Pueblo, Novato Ca.

Mi Pueblo Novato, Ca.

Mi Pueblo Novato Ca.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Big Eyes

My eyes were bigger than my stomach! A double at JJ's Burger Joint is huge! I took home half and it made a wonderful dinner.
Double Cheese and Fries JJ's Burger Joint
JJ's Burger Joint

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seduced by Porland

We headed to Portland last week to visit my oldest daughter and new husband. We also wanted to check out Portland. I am pulled in many directions now and have been negligent in reporting. I have been dallying in the instant gratification of Twitter and Instagram  photos. If you want to check out those glimpses, the links are to the right.
I will admit we were seduced by the city of Portland and may continue that relationship in the future. For now I will make the analogy with the starters at Clyde Common in the Pearl District. Portland is like the sparking lavender lemonade, refreshing and sweet tart. It is also like the the togarashi popcorn, buttery with a hot finish. Portland "we'll be back."
Togarashi Popcorn and Sparkling Lavender Lemonade. Clyde Common Portland

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