Sunday, March 26, 2006

Every Day is a Whining Road

Due to aforementioned back problems there really hasn't been an culinary road trips this week. I have settled for virtual road trips. I just prop myself up at the computer or watch the telly and I am transported to another place. I never realized how often The Food Network repeats their programs. Normally I can only watch in the evening, but this week I have overdosed.

The Next Food Network Star is fun to watch. I noticed that of the eight competitors six are from California. Shall we say left coast rules? No, that would certainly jinx our chances. Americans are in love with competition, so I'm sure this show will draw big audiences. My personal feeling is that any one of the eight is already far and away better than any of the Food Network stars were when they began. Watch carefully when they show flashback segments and see that most of the bigs are flatter than a pancake. It takes time to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Given a big staff that does all the work and edits the mistakes, most anyone can look good. I am predicting that Guy Fieri of Santa Rosa will win. Lets see what kind of prognosticator I am.
Ham On The Street ,a new Food Network show, took a little time to warm up to. Chef George Duran took on the charcoal versus gas challenge with two guys named George Foreman. In his experiment most participants couldn't tell the difference. As I write this I know that Dr. Biggles over at Meathenge ears are burning at this blasphemous conclusion. I'm going to try the recipe for Loole Kebabs soon as I get more vertical.
Chef Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations new season begins March 27 at 9 p.m. and I'm looking forward to see if he continues to be his irreverent self. Look for him on the Travel Channel.
Well folks it's time for my meds. Nighty night.


Anonymous said...

Hope your back is feeling better and that you get back to your culinary travels very soon!

cookiecrumb said...

Ooh. Aww.
Well, thanks for the TV reviews anyway!

Amy Sherman said...

I'm with you on Guy winning. Although a friend tells me his restaurants are crap.

Mona said...

Hope those back problems are gettin better...And thanks for the foodnetwork show roundup. I love Bourdain's shows, though sometimes have to turn away from stuff he puts in his mouth. Will try and DVR that. Sounds like you mainly watch the Food Network, I was bummed the other night I forgot to DVR the Discovery show ... Deadliest Catch? Heard of it? I watched the first episode of the chef reality show and wasn't that impressed with their "contestants." Have they gotten any better?

Mona said...

And I'm just now realizing your post title..nice play on the Sheryl Crow song:)

Cate said...

I can't wait until Nigella's show comes in September!