Friday, March 17, 2006

For Medicinal Purposes Only

California Vodka Marty
I'm looking forward to the first "nice" weekend in a while. I have my heart set on a trip to San Francisco for somthing food related. So what do I do to myself this morning? Yoink my back, that's what. A silly little unprepared movement and there it goes.
I have self prescribed a potion that will allow me to relax and get a good nights sleep. The best Vodka Martini ala California. Hangar One Vodka, Armstrong Olives and meyer lemon peel from my co-workers tree in Vallejo. Pour the vodka into a cocktail shaker full of ice. Whisper the word vermouth, close the top and shake it like a Polaroid picture. Strain the icey liquid into a chilled glass, insert olive and twist the meyer lemon peel to perfume. Oh my!
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Anonymous said...

Omigod, I had completely forgotten all about shaking the Polaroids! That's something else I can tell disbelieving young'uns who think I'm nuts when I start bringing up weird things like black and white television (and movies), manual typewriters and mimeograph machines.

Sorry about your back. Shouldn't we have been at the opening of TJ's in Novato, just to lend support?

Mona said...

that sounds right up my alley greg! i take my martis dirty with grey goose and the biggest olive that will fit :) but i'll have to try this version.

cookiecrumb said...

So who took the picture, cripple? :D

Kudzu: Add to that list dial phones, the produce delivery truck, carbon paper, White-Out... :)

Jennifer said...

Whisper the word vermouth... I love it!

Hope your back is better - but then it has to be, with that kind of medicine! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are good, that martini sounds good. brother tom

Greg said...

Thanks all for your comments.I've been in a drug induced stupor for the last three days. Back is feeling better a little.

violet said...

youre so lucky to live in california. san francisco is the best city for food that i have ever visited. that martini sounds delicious even though i prefer the gin martini to the vodka one.

Guy said...

Oooo, I think I'll go home and do the exact same!
Except mine will be with cheap bourbon & apple juice with no ice. I call it an apple fucker. It's not real good, but it does down like a rusty chain.
Ahhh, good times.