Saturday, March 11, 2006

The "Saming of America"

Scotty's Market

Lately I've bemoaned "The Saming of America". A phrase I made up to describe the corporate take over of the food business. In every town in America there are the same big corporate food companies, be it McDonalds, Taco Bell, Starbucks...etc. Most of the bigs do provide a good product and try their best to be good corporate citizens. The sterile cookie cutter approach ensures sameness of product in San Francisco as well as New York City. I like the unique character and flavor an independent operator can provide. Just like the movement to support local farmers and food producers, I try to spend my food dollars with the little guys.

Scotty's Market has been in business a long time. They have provided gourmet groceries and deli in Marin since the seventies, by my memory. The prepared foods counter is a beauty. Salad and olive bars beckon. I broke a cardinal rule by shopping hungry and walked out with a load of food. Hard decisions were made. Should we have the barbecue chicken, short ribs, fried chicken or mac and cheese? It's all good!

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Short ribs or fried chicken?

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Mac and cheese or teriyaki

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Olive bar
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Salad bar
The most immediate effect you can have on way food is marketed is how you spend your dollars. Choose wisely, support uniqueness.
Scotty's Market & BBQ 620 Freitas Parkway, San Rafael. 415.479.2363.


Mona said...

wow, what a great term for a sad phenomenon...not related to food but my town in connecticut's second attempt at maintaining a bookstore just failed. so now we have NO BOOKSTORE! i can't believe it. it makes me so sad. now it's only a barnes and noble on a crowded strip mall street for books. or i guess i order online from amazon. i will go on and choose wisely and support uniqueness from now on :)

cookiecrumb said...

Hi Greg: I just corrected an eggregious oversight (and your name is cleverly buried in that four-bit word): When I redid my blog template, I lost a link to yours. All fixed!
Well. Scotty's is nice. We need to support the originals. In fact, I've sort of made it a policy to avoid Safeway, et al., even if they have what I need and it's on sale. Sort of.
Can I hijack this comment? Mona, don't buy from Amazon if you like to buy blue. Try Barnes & Noble, or Powell's Books. :)

Greg said...'s the same with bookstores Powells is my favorite too.
Cookiecrumb.. Thanks! I noticed but thought I needed to work harder for the love.Good to be back.

drbiggles said...

Er, uh could I get a close-up of the fried chicken?
Here, put it right here (Biggles extends his arms).
Fried chicken is a close personal friend.


Marj said...

MMM yummy. How come I've never been there. I smell a field trip...and it smells fried, crispy, and delicious

Anonymous said...

We call it the everywhere landscape ...and it sucks!