Monday, March 08, 2010

Read Local

Most of the Bay Area newpapers are being crunched by the changes created by new technology and the recession. Reduction in content and staff are the norm. Those of us addicted to food news have to reach further afield to get our fix. Like the eat local food movement, I like to read local. One shining Marin news weekly seems to defy the downward spiral. I don't begin to know their business model, but I do know the Pacific Sun has provided Marin with foodie content for many years. One of their writers, Pat Fusco, has had her finger on the pulse of the food scene in excess of twenty five years. Yet even after that much time she conveys a genuine excitment for all things food. When I read that a favorite of mine, The Falafel Hut, had moved up the street to a bigger location I knew we must go and were rewarded for our effort.

I think it is important to support The Pacfic Sun and their advertisers to keep the paper viable. They have a new virtual edition that, with a little practice, is like turning the actual pages of the real paper. Other papers should take note of this user friendly program.

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Zoomie said...

I read the online version, in fact, it is emailed to me several times a week, and I enjoy it even when I don't live in Marin.