Monday, August 07, 2006

What's a Shawerma??

I know that I'm a Last Minute Louie on this subject. The local papers have announced the arrival of the Falafel Hut in San Rafael. Other bloggers have tasted and reported their findings. I just wanted to find out what the heck a Shawerma is. Never had one, thought I'd give it a go.
After a lovely trip to the dump and hour in Home Depot, lunch was definitely in order. We trucked on over to fourth street and got lucky with parking. It was just after eleven and the hut was slamming. My wife ordered the Falafel Deluxe ($5.95). The standard pita bread sandwich with the addition of potato and Baba Gannoush. The portion was large and tasted great.
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My Beef Shawerma ($6.95) was a huge piece of flatbread, rolled burrito style, with healthy portions of meat, tomato, seasoned onions, pickle and a creamy sauce. Was it good? Move over burritos there's a new game in town ready to take over my food world. I wanted to get more information about the product so I slipped back inside to ask. I would have needed riot gear to get past the ten people lined up waiting to order. I grabbed a takeout menu and beat a hasty retreat. My mission on the next trip to the hut is to find out what's listed on the menu as foul mudams. So much to learn.
P.S. normally I would enclose a photo of the Shawerma here. It came out blurry. It's more mysterious this way anyhow.
Falafel Hut
1109 Fourth Street
San Rafael, Ca.


Amy Sherman said...

That picture makes my mouth water!

cookiecrumb said...

Cranky calls me a foul mudam all the time. Hm...

Man oh man, Greg, thanks for reminding me to go wait in the line and give it a try. Seriously, "Move over burritos." That's compelling.

chrispy said...

well next time I am in the are I will check this out since the last vender in the US to offer me a shawarma (sp varies depending on the area) was horrible. I grew up eating these in the Middle East. They are way better than burritos. Also a good falafel sandwhich can't be beat.