Wednesday, August 02, 2006


It's August already and I haven't had any corn. Why you ask? Because my anti-social attitude has kept me away from crowds. All winter long I anticipate the summer season and now that it's here, I'm all bah humbug! In the past I've attended more markets in a week than I have all this year. That reminds me of a story. Joe decides that winning the lottery would solve all his problems. Believing in the power of prayer, he prays that he would win the lottery. This goes on for months and finally he asks God why he hasn't won yet. A voice from heaven vibrates the room and says " Joe you have to buy a ticket first". In that spirit, in order to obtain good fresh corn I must haul my butt down to the Novato Farmer's Market. I forgot to get the name of the farm. Just look for the pretty blonde lady with a white pickup and boxes of fresh corn in front of her. Her sign says " this corn was picked today at 2PM". It now being 5 PM I figure it's about as fresh as I can get.
There is about as many ways to cook corn as there were ways Bubba Gump cooked shrimp. Boiled corn, steamed corn, corn fritters, corn get the picture. I just husked the ears and rolled them around on the hot barbecue. Added butter, salt and pepper and I got "heavenly" corn. I just needed an attitude adjustment.
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