Friday, March 19, 2010

Robert's Corned Beef

Recently I came across a mention of Robert's Corned Meats. I googled their website and saw they were in San Francisco and thought to myself it would be a fun day trip in the future. Last week April went to our local Harvest Market to purchase some steak for a dinner she was making. While shopping she purchased some corned beef to have for St. Patricks day. By coincidence it happened to be Robert's corned beef. The Marin IJ did a story about Robert's the day before St. Pat's and mentioned that the owner was a Marinite. I felt like the food universe was whispering in my ear and was really excited about trying it.
It was cinch to make. I just tossed it into the crock pot and waited while the house filled with wonderful corned beef "perfume." It was finished, almost like magic, as April and my son came through the front door. We chowed down and proclaimed it to be excellent. I don't know what different spices they use but it has a unique flavor, reminiscent of gin. That being a good thing! I am a fan now and will look for Robert's in the future. Their website product page lists all kinds of meaty goodies for me to try. Remember, corned beef isn't just for St. Pat's day!


Zoomie said...

Wow, sounds good! They may have used juniper berries, which are the main thing you taste in gin. I'll look for that locally - like you, I have corned beef more than once a year.

cookiecrumb said...

I only found out about Robert's after St. Patrick's Day. I am going to find it, soon, for a sweet meal

Greg said...

Zoomie - That could be it now that you mention
Cookiecrumb - buy more than you need. I was sad we had so little leftovers.

Rev. Biggles said...

DANG, how come I didn't know about them? How come they haven't contacted ME ???? Need to get me some, lickety split.

xo, Biggles