Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Glaciers - Icebergs and Irish Coffee!

A wonderful part of our cruise was traveling up Tracy Arm Fjord to Sawyer Glacier. No getting off and on the ship,  just a scenic journey with spectacular views accessible from a deck chair. As we entered the fjord I took up position on Lido Deck aft. I secured my deck chair,  garbed in  my warmest gear, with cameras ready. I was overlooking the stern pool watching were we had been. Having taken this trip before, I knew when we arrived at Sawyer Glacier the ship would turn around affording me a brilliant view of the glacier. Avril likes to be more mobile, so she wandered about using what photographers call the run and gun.
Entering Tracy Arm Fjord Alaska
Avril - Intrepid Travel Photographer
Tracy Arm Fjord Alaska

Tracy Arm Fjord Alaska
By now the crowds had begun to get larger. Princess, in method of marketing genius,  had a crew member rolling around a cart selling made to order Irish Coffee. He has made up a chant to sell his wares. "Oh we... get your Irish Coffee...make you happy... make you beautiful.... Irish Coffee oh we!"
Irish Coffee vendor Golden Princess Alaska Cruise
As if on cue, two modelesque guys striped down to bathing suits and jumped into the warm pool. I wonder if they provided a well thought out photo opportunity or were just a couple of spontaneous, wild and crazy guys!

Warm pools and icebergs Princess Alaska Cruise

Tracy Arm Fjord Alaska

Sawyer Glacier Alaska


Chilebrown said...

The last image is spectacular. I take issue with the bastardization of the Irish Coffee on the cart. Irish Coffee should never be made with canned whip cream but real heavy cream. Just sayin.

Greg said...

chilebrown- thanks! I feel your pain, having made a zillion of them in the day. I had a guest ask for Splenda instead of sugar. Called a personal foul!