Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Catch You in Ketchikan

We had a mission of sorts when we arrived in Ketchikan.  Avril's colleague raved about a restaurant in town called the Alaska Fish House.  He loved their smoked salmon chowder,  made with canned salmon. He had tried in vain to purchase their canned salmon online and  hoped that we could pick up some and bring it back to him.  We wandered the pretty downtown knowing we  would make our last stop the Fish House. The town was crazy busy because there was at least four big cruise ships docked. We dodged many a seagoing tourist.  It turns out there is no retail salmon sales at the Fish House! They must have seen the disappointment on our faces and were kind enough to send us down the street to the Salmon Marketwhere we loaded up on salmon for him and us.  Another beautiful day in Alaska!
Ketchikan Alaska 
Golden Princess Ketchikan Alaska 

Golden Princess Ketchikan Alaska 


Chilebrown said...

The Golden Princess looks like some type of sea monster from its front view.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Spaceship!