Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo Assignment

We crawled out from under our rock this weekend and decided give ourselves a photo assignment. We recently upgraded Miss Avril to a SLR from an old point and shoot camera, so we  headed out early to grab some photo practice.

First we landed at Marin French Cheese where we not only took some scenic photos but grabbed some good grub for later lunch consumption. They open a nine a.m. and the sun was perfect for photos.
Marin French Cheese, Petaluma, Ca.

Marin French Cheese- Olive photo credit April MacIntosh

Marin French Cheese Picnic Pond. Photo credit April MacIntosh

Marin French Cheese Pond. Photo credit Greg MacIntosh

Marin French Cheese Picnic Pond. Photo credit Greg MacIntosh
We rambled down the road to Stafford Lake to visit some migrating geese and take their pictures.
The colorful Avril practicing her photo skills

Geese on Stafford Lake. Photo by April MacIntosh

Stafford Lake geese in flight. Photo by April MacIntosh

Migrating geese Stafford Lake. Photo by Greg MacIntosh

Stafford Lake Photo by Greg MacIntosh

Looks like we added "competitive" photo taking to our list of fun weekend activities. I can not wait until our cruise to Alaska! I hear there are great photos to be taken there.


cookiecrumb said...

Quite the photo phamily! Those are really nice pictures.
(Isn't the Marin Cheese Co. a hoot? All those damn geese!)

Greg said...

cookiecrumb-Thanks! It was an enjoyable weekend adventure. I forget how much fun there is close to home.

Zoomie said...

Fun family outing!

Greg said...

I saw you guys did Inverness. That's a fun town too. This is the best time of year when the weather is good but not so many bodies.

Chilebrown said...

Those are some great shots. That lens looks huge. Which SLR did you get Avril?

Greg said...

Chilebrown- That is a 80-200 zoom lens on a Nikon d40x. In truth that is my original digital SLR. It is equivalent to today's D3200. It takes magnificent photos.