Friday, March 22, 2013

My Week in Sandwiches March 22, 2013

This weeks sandwich is from Pasta Pomodoro in Novato. The call it  a Mozzarella Panini,  available from their  Lunch Express Menu. This hefty sandwich  is a real bargain at $8.95 and it is served with a  side salad or minestrone soup. I chose the Caesar salad. Both the salad and sandwich were delicious and filling. I took half of the sandwich home with intentions of having it for lunch the next day but it called to me and was eaten about an hour later. It was nice to sit and enjoy the great service at this fast casual restaurant.
Pasta Pomodoro Mozzarella Panini


cookiecrumb said...

OK, that is hereby registered in my Marin Brain.
It looks really good, and it comes with supersalad? What a deal.

Zoomie said...

The salad looks good, too, nice big slices of Parm and crisp light greens!

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb- They have some good inexpensive wines too, but it was lunch time so I had iced tea.
Zoomie- I think the salad was the best part maybe. It's Pecorino Romano cheese, my new addiction! I buy it by the block at the Costco.