Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Recap

Valentine's day fell on a week day so we didn't celebrate much on the actual day. We had given some thought to going out but chose to produce upscale meals at home during the long President's Day weekend. I really enjoy going to restaurants but we are trying to save money to go on a cruise later in the year, so eating at home it was. On Saturday we grilled lobster tails and served  them with onion rings and asparagus and a bottle of wine from the clearance basket. The total cost was twenty six dollars.
Lobster Tail with asparagus and onion rings

On Sunday we had a well marbled Porterhouse steak with some more asparagus and mixed green salad with Avril's homemade ranch dressing. The steak provided dinner for two nights. The food cost for this extravaganza was about thirty dollars with a bottle of Charles Shaw at its  new price of $2.49.
Porterhouse Steak flames on grill

Another highlight of my food week was a Reuben sandwich on marble rye from my favorite spot, Creekside Bakery.
Reuben on marble rye Creekside Bakery Novato

On Monday we rewarded ourselves with some sweets after dragging a stubborn shopping cart through the Lucky Supermarket. I had a hot cross bun and Avril had some pine nut cookies. I have no memory of ever eating a hot cross bun before. I am not a big fan of candied fruit but this specimen was a winner in my book.
Hot Cross Bun and pine nut cookie Creekside Bakery Novato

Let's just say we were eating good in the neighborhood this holiday weekend!


Chilebrown said...

I definitely have to pay a visit to the Harvest market.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- The meat counter is the best. We also got the lobster there on sale.