Monday, February 25, 2013

Food Fun

Here is this weeks food fun in photos!  Avril whipped up a bunch of healthy muffins, riffing on a zucchini bread recipe.  The outside of the muffins are a bit crunchy with shards  of zucchini and carrots. On the  inside they are  moist and chewy. They freeze well and sneak a serving of veg into our daily diet.
Avril's Healthy Muffins

I have successfully used chef Jonathan Waxman's roasted chicken recipe on many occasions. Here is a video promoting his new book "Italian My Way", that walks you through the process. I have adapted it to roasting split chicken breasts. Avril and I prefer the breast, which not only provides a meal but sandwich fixings  for weekday lunches.
Roasted Chicken

I got my Sunday pastry thing on with a sesame yumster at the Creekside Bakery
I call these sesame yumsters  from Creekside Bakery, Novato

I decided to play around with some food still life photos and am very happy with the results. Maybe a photo for wall art?
Can you compare apples and oranges?

citrus mis en place for my bar


Health Foods Online said...

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Chilebrown said...

Hey Greg, I just got a fancy new camera. Ms. Goofy just gave me a book called "Food Photography for Bloggers". Maybe you can share some wisdom to me sometime about how your pictures turn out so well.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Woo Hoo! New camera time! What ya get? I'm sending you an email.