Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Culinary Adventures

My latest series of blogs has focused on our Mexican Riviera cruise and I've all but abandoned my weekly culinary adventures since our return. Not one to be idle in the kitchen or forgetting to visit a local place, I have been posting photos on twitter and they appear in the sidebar of the blog. I felt it was necessary to do the photos justice by posting them in large format here. My daughter gave us "stocking stuffer" gift certificate from our local favorite, Creekside Bakery. The food there has always been wonderful but recently they seem  to be taking it to a higher level. Here are some fun foodstuffs we enjoyed. These pastries appear to be watching me with their big owl like eyes.
"Big Eyes" Pastries Creekside Bakery

One morning instead of pastry we had the ham and brie quiche. It was absolutely decadent!
Ham and Brie Quiche Creekside Bakery

On another visit I had the ham and Fontina panino and Avril, a brilliant rendition of potato leek soup. We had envisioned a puree but this was more of a chowder with a well seasoned broth and chunks of potato. The soup was worthy of five stars.
Potato Leek Soup Creekside Bakery

Ham and Fontina Panino Creekside Bakery

On the home front I have been experimenting with recipes. For the Superbowl I built a stadium size New Orleans style muffuletta sandwich that was a crowd favorite. It featured Italian style cured meats and my homemade olive salad. I had lots of leftovers so I assembled another and sent it to Avril's coworkers for lunch the next day.
New Orleans Style Muffuletta Sandwich

One Friday night we went beef crazy and grilled off a giant Porterhouse steak.We had enough meat for the entire weekend.
Grilled Porterhouse

In the new year we always tip our hat towards eating a little healthier so I have built a repertoire of salads to send to work with Avril. Here are a few favorites.
Confit Tomato and Arugula Salad with Pecorino  and Balsamic Reduction

Caesar Salad with chicken, anchovies and homemade croutons

Nicoise Salad with Roasted Beets

Look forward to more adventures soon!


Chilebrown said...

Most excellent grill marks. Any pedigree to that big hunk of meat?

Greg said...

Chilebrown- I bought it at Harvest Market on San Marin Drive. I never asked them where they sourced it but should. They use to be Petrini's Market moons age. The have consistently great meats at good prices.