Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sea Day Life

Last night we cruised away from out last port of call,  Puerto Vallarta. We have two full days and nights at sea and I am looking forward to it. We really have to pace ourselves because our inclination is to do everything. We spent time in the library, gym and internet cafe. Internet service is fairly expensive and the connection slower than we are used to. We elected to pay the price because we like to check our emails and Avril checks in at work. At lunch I order another cheeseburger, I guess I'm a burger kid of guy.
Cheeseburger-Fries Carnival Splendor Lido Deck

We return to the cabin to visit our collection of towel animals. Avril loves these and I have asked our room attendant to leave them all until we depart.
Towel Animals Carnival Splendor

Towel Animal Monkey Carnival Splendor

We took a quick walk around the ship to shoot photos of the unique interior before we head off to see "The Game of Love." This is a riff on the old Dating Game, where couples are asked to match answers to naughty questions. One newlywed couple dressed only in robes are trying to out "naughty" the other couples. When asked where the most unusual place they had made love, the husband answered "that would be in the b**t Bob." That lame joke is as old as me! The audience went wild and they eventually won. After the show we went to the VIFP party for free drinks, snacks and music. Carnival's VIFP (very important fun person) club membership level is based on the number of days you have cruised on Carnival. We are at the Gold level which got us the invite to this party.
Interior Carnival Splendor

Carnival VIFP Party Cocktail Carnival Splendor

Dinner is rapidly closing in and we hit the cabin to get dressed for another "elegant night" in the Gold Pearl dining room and we still have the table all to ourselves.
Carnival Splendor Gold Pearl dining  with old school baked Alaska!

At the end of each dinner the waitstaff puts on costumes and dances for the diners. I video taped Avril partying down to the music. She is so much fun to cruise with and definitely my VIFP!


Zoomie said...

I love that Avril was having so much fun! The whole experience was great for you both.

Greg said...

Zoomie- It is a wonderful time. She works so hard and cruising gives her a chance to relax and enjoy. The biggest decision of the day is what you're going to eat. :)