Monday, January 14, 2013

A Blog at Rest

Borrowing from Newton's laws of motion: A blog at rest tends to stay at rest and a blog in motion tends to stay in motion. This blog has been at rest and needs powerful force to put it into motion. I frankly don't know where the last month has gone. It is time now to finish up my blogs about our Carnival Splendor Cruise. I hope it is not too boring, posting about it lets me relive the fun we had and has motivated us to put a down payment on our next adventure, this time to north to Alaska. Let the motion begin!

Carnival Splendor Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. November 2012. We have fallen into a wonderful routine. Overnight the ship has sailed from Cabo to PV and we awake to bright sunshine and a really warm day. We start the day with breakfast from the Lido buffet.
Breakfast Carnival Splendor Lido Deck Buffet
There is lots of activity at the port and plenty of shopping across the street.
Seen from The Carnival Splendor Puerto Vallarta Nov. 2012

Corporate Shopping across from Cruise Ship, Carnival Splendor, Puerto Vallarta
Traditionally when we arrive in Puerto Vallarta we grab a cab and head to Old Town for some lunch and drinks while  soaking up the beach vibe. This trip I am less than intrepid. I was not going to cop to this but on the day before we cruised I managed to break several toes in my right foot. They are lovely shades of black, blue and yellow and have slowed my pace a bit. In port we decided to stay close and indulge in some shopping at the market right there in port.
Carnival Splendor Cruise Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Cruise Port

Mercado at Puerto Vallarta Cruise Ship Port

Avril gets a fun "cowgirl" hat and some jewelry and we escape the ninety something heat by heading back to the air conditioned ship. Lunch time awaits.
Lunch Lido Buffet Carnival Splendor Nov. 2012

In the evening we watch as the sun sets and then enjoy cocktails while being entertained by a local Mariachi band.
Sunset from Carnival Splendor Puerto Vallarta

It's dinner time!
Dinner Carnival Splendor Gold Pearl Dining

We have two more days at sea as we return to Long Beach.


Zoomie said...

Wow, that photo of the sunset is stunningly beautiful! And the rest just make my mouth water. Glad it was so much fun but sorry about those poor toes!

Greg said...

Thanks Zoomie- It was a tough job to have cocktails and watch the sunset ;) Must remember to use flashlight when heading to bathroom in middle of the night. The stone tile molding did not give and inch.

Chilebrown said...

I do not find this boring in fact you are inspiring us to go on a cruise.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Thanks! Be careful about cruising it can be addictive. My wife dragged me on our first cruise kicking and screaming, now I can't get enough. Princess Cruises has the Grand Princess sailing from San Fran year round starting soon. While more expensive than Carnival but there are traveling to LA or San Diego expenses.We are going to hit Alaska this year.

جاستين بيبر said...

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