Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Carniaval Splendor Cabo Again

It is our second day in Cabo. Last night the ship pulled anchor and  and went out to sea, as required, so Carnival could open their casino and duty free shops. We arrived back in Cabo early and the tenders began to take people ashore. We made an unorthodox decision and stayed aboard. Some might think we were missing the action but quite to the contrary we had wonderful fun. Imagine a world class fitness center, spa, pool and wonderful food service designed for over three thousand people serving only the intrepid few who remain aboard. We hit the fitness center and rode the stationary bikes with televisions built in to the handle bars. We really did not need the T.V.; the view from the fitness center is dramatic, high up on the ship with stunning views of Cabo San Lucas beaches. I pumped a little iron (very little) and then we went to  breakfast.  Gosh knows we were hungry, it was almost eleven hours since we ate!

Breakfast Carnival Splendor Lido Buffet

After breakfast we cleaned up and wandered the ship. I love to shoot photos and it has rubbed off on my wife. Cabo is a dream for photos.
Photos Taken on Carnival Splendor Cabo San Lucas

Scenic Photos Carnival Splendor Cabo San Lucas

Boats seen from Carival Splendor Cabo San Lucas

Father and Son Stroll on The Carnival Splendor

Lunch Lido Deck Carnival Splendor Cabo

We headed off to bask in the sun and swim in the pool. So relaxing. I could do this on a daily basis. Back to the cabin to enjoy a shower and nap time. Another meal awaits. Cocktails in our favorite little bar with a tropical theme. We pass the Red Carpet Disco and Avril decides to pose with the naked men outside.  We keep it safe for family viewing.
Cocktails on The Carnival Splendor Cabo

A Cover-up Carnival Splendor Red Carpet Disco

At dinner we find out the other couple who were assigned to our table have decided, for unknown reason, not to eat in the Gold Pearl for the rest of the cruise.  Darn that means a romantic table for two, say it isn't so!  We play  footsie under the table, life is good!
Dinner Gold Pearl Dining Room Carnival Splendor

We are off to see the evening show "Latin Fever!" I wish I could have taken pictures or video but these shows are copyrighted and I respect that. Tonight's towel animal creation is a bunny!
Towel Animal Carnival Splendor

As the evening ends we are already cruising to our next port, Puerto Vallarta.


Zoomie said...

Man, this sounds so terrific! Love the photo of father and son in their color-coordinated outfits!

Greg said...

That photo looks like a set-up lifestyle shot but it was totally spontaneous. I will be posting a few more cruise posts. It helps me relive the fun all over again.

Chilebrown said...

Did you ever go on the water slide?

Greg said...

I went on a water slide many years ago. Once was enough. It took me ten minutes to undo the wedgie. Save my energy for the dance floor ;)