Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Carnival Splendor Cabo Day One

We arrive in the port of Cabo San Lucas before eight and the weather is wonderful. The port itself is shallow. The cruise ships that stop here anchor out about a mile and smaller boats called tenders shuttle you to the dock. There is big rush of people wanting to get off the ship so Carnival issues vouchers and in numerical order calls out groups to fill the smaller boats. We are in no hurry so we decide to have breakfast in the Gold Pearl Dining Room. I ordered a bagel, lox and cream cheese and Avril ordered a waffle with turkey bacon.  I am hungry so my normal instinct to take photos is interrupted, but I do manage to get a shot of my second bagel half.
Breakfast Bagel Carnival Splendor Gold Pearl Dining Romm

We head back to the cabin and read up on things to do this fine day.

Now the tenders are hovering around the ship like bees on bright flowers. We get our boarding number and only wait about ten minutes to board. As we board, I see a crew member dressed in chef's whites fishing with just a line pulling in a sizable fish. I know what some of the crew are eating tonight... fresh catch.
Cabo Tender Boat

For me some of the best part of the visit is the tender ride to the dock. The water is crowded with boats coming and going. Fishing boats returning are followed by pelicans and seals hoping for a tidbit.  I also learn the Spanish word for seal is foca.
Seals and Pelicans Hope for Fish in Cabo San Lucas

Once onshore, we walk and take in the sights.  It is visual pleasure to sit and watch the people and activities. Avril loves the jewelry vendors that sell silver trinkets. We buy her a necklace and I buy a hat to keep the sun from burning my winter pale skin.  Each visit we seem to gravitate towards Solomon's Landing, a restaurant with great margaritas and prime people viewing. Hot fun in the sun!
Solomon's Landing Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas

Carnival Splendor Viewed from Cabo Tender

We head back to ship just in time for late buffet lunch on Lido Deck.I select roast turkey, baked fish and salad.  Avril has a bowl of salad which includes hearts of palm.
Lido Buffet Lunch Carnival Splendor

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and editing pictures.  There are also first run movies showing on the cabin T.V.  We need a break to work up the energy to eat another meal.
Dinner Gold Pearl Dining Room Carnival Splendor

Dinner is followed by a show. We watched a juggler/comedian whose name does not appear in my notes. Let it be said we laughed until we cried!  Home to the cabin for a nightcap and a towel animal kitty.
Towel Animal Kitty Carnival Splendor


Chilebrown said...

That sounds like a great day except for the turkey bacon. A cruise is on the list.

Zoomie said...

It all sounds so leisurely - and that's fun!

Greg said...

Chilebrown- I'm with you on the turkey bacon. Yuck!
Zoomie- We have a great time. Of course there are still those aggressive stinkers who will never be happy with anything.We try to ignore them.We choose to be happy :)