Thursday, December 06, 2012

Carnival Splendor Day One Sea Day

We are on a seven day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Three of those days we are in port, so the other four days are called "sea days." I laughingly  call them see-food days, if I see food  I eat it. People who have not been on a cruise ask us "what the heck do you do on a sea day?" Well as I hope to show here these days can be exhausting. Each evening you receive a  schedule of the next days activities, on Carnival it is called the Funtimes. It is bursting with things to do and fun to have. We like to start our morning early and bring the Funtimes with us to map out our day. First we stop for coffee, then we secure a table.  Avril heads to the buffet and makes her food selection, then I go pick mine. I love the buffet because it allows small selections of many items. There are alternate venues for breakfast. The Gold Pearl Dining Room offers sit-down plated breakfast and there is 24 hour room service.
Coffee and Breakfast Carnival Splendor Lido Deck

After breakfast we explored the pool area and the on board theater
Carnival Splendor Pool and Theater

At 10:30 a.m. we checked out the Fun Ashore-Fun Aboard Show.We got to see the Splendor's Captain and executive officers. Cruise Director Malcolm "Woo Hoo" Burn entertained us and told us about the activities on board.
Cruise Director Malcolm "woo hoo" Burn-Chief Engineer Marco Bacchioni-Captain Giorgio Pagano- Hotel Director Jan Rusin

After all that it wasn't even lunch yet so we headed back to our cabin for some more fun! We made our own fun video.
As Avril says food, "that's the key!" Oh my! It is time for lunch. This time we headed for the Gold Pearl Dining room . I ordered the mushroom cheeseburger and Avril ordered the "tuna salad." I had major food envy when the tuna salad arrived as a beautifully arranged Nicoise Salad. She shared!
Cheeseburger and Nicoise 'tuna" Salad Carnival Splendor

Good heavens people there are choices here! We could have watched an ice carving or cooking demo. Perhaps we should have seen the master mixologist competition but chose the men's hairy chest contest. People having fun with alcohol,this calls for a tropical drink!

Tropical Drink and Men's Hairy Chest Contest Carnival Splendor

It is time for a nap! Tonight is the first of two elegant nights and I am a guy that loves to dress up. I bring a sport coat, slacks, white shirt and a couple of ties. Tuxedos are rare but are available for rent on board. There are many ship's photographers that will take great pictures of you and sell them the next day. The prices are a bit steep so I shot self portraits. I hate been photographed, strange for a guy that loves to take pictures. I must announce that the many shades of pink decor in our room give us a strange glow.
Dress Up for Elegant Night Carnival Splendor

What is for dinner? Prime rib for me and lobster and shrimp for my bride.We split cherries jubilee for desert. A bit weary after dinner we headed for the evening show called "Beat" I loved it and it gave me enough musical energy to make it back to the cabin.
Lobster and Shrimp and Prime Rib Carnival Splendor

Puppy Dog Towel Animal Carnival Splendor

By now we are exhausted and ready for sleep. I barely notice our puppy dog towel animal on the counter. Tomorrow Cabo San Lucas! We love to cruise!


Zoomie said...

I love how you get right into the spirit of the thing!

cookiecrumb said...

You two dress up real good!
Glad it was such a bunch of fun.

Greg said...

Zoomie- When we cruise I wish I did not need to sleep. So much to do so little time :)

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb- Thanks I like to play dress up!

Chilebrown said...

Did you get to sit at the Captains table with Captain Merrill Stubing and is Isaac still the bartender?

Greg said...

Chilebrown- The Love Boat is the Princess Line. ;) Both lines are owned by Carnival. We are going on their boat next year me hopes!I'll say hello to Isaac for ya.