Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Carnival Splendor Cruise Heading Home

It is the last full day of our Mexican Riviera Cruise on board the  Carnival Splendor and it is time to head home. We are still having magnificent fun and will long remember the trip. We hit the Lido deck buffet for breakfast.
Breakfast Lido Deck Buffet Carnival Splendor

We wander the ship and explore the possibilities. At the gourmet coffee stand they offer coffee and goodies at additional cost and we ponder who would pay extra when you get so much great food included in the price of the cruise. The selection of pastries in the display case do have great appeal but we pass.
Pastry Case Gourmet Coffee Carnival Splendor

For some reason we are giddy and decide to get in touch with our inner Derek Zoolander modeling skills. We laugh at each others funny poses thinking we are alone in this part of the ship but realize that there is a lone woman sitting in a tall chair laughing too. We just gave a free modeling show to a very appreciative audience!
Zoolander Style Model Show Carnival Spirit

We take a bow after the show and wander off to a class on making the towel animals we love so much. Members of the entertainment and housekeeping staff are there to give a hands on lesson. Avril is very crafty and creates several towel animals while I shoot photos.

Towel Animal Construction Class Carnival Splendor
We decide to do another installment of our travel video dialogue. I have signed up for a class on video shooting and editing so we practice our on camera skills. Lights, camera, action you are on!

Just before lunch we check out the photo gallery. The ships photographers take photos of the passengers throughout the cruise and offer them for sale daily. I just could not resist this picture of Avril and the parrot.
April and the Parrot picture by Carnival Splendor

We are hungry and decide on sandwiches from the Lido Deck Deli, enjoyed with some white wine. This is the life!

Sandwiches Lido Deck Deli Carnival Splendor

I'm not much of a gambler but we check out the ships casino.
Casino Carnival Splendor

Off the cabin we head, to change for some hot tub action and a much needed nap before our final dinner on the Splendor.First we hit up the sushi bar and enjoy a cocktail
Sushi and Cocktails Carnival Splendor

Dinner Gold Pearl Dining Carnival Splendor

On this last night the waiters sing a farewell song.

 After dinner we pack our bags and leave them to be picked up and delivered to the terminal the next day. One last show and a good nights sleep and we will be back in Long Beach.


Zoomie said...

I don't want it to end, just from seeing your photos. You must feel really bummed!

Greg said...

Zoomie- there is a bit of withdrawal after the cruise and heading back to the real world. A part of the fun is planning our next cruise. Next time we are leaving out of San Fran for a ten day cruise to Alaska on Princess Cruise.

Chilebrown said...

I like how you start your day with bacon. Good times. Thanks fro sharing.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Bacon makes it better! Some mornings I had sausage too. :)