Monday, June 13, 2011

Sonoma Wine Country

We paid another visit to the Healdsburg Farmer's Market last Saturday. A beautiful day and traffic free ride started the day off well. The market was bustling with vendors and buyers when we arrived. The smell of peppers being roasted whet our appetites. It was just then I noticed a sign that said "shop with the chef." The event was set up by Relish Culinary Adventures and overseen by owner Donna del Rey. Relish offers cooking classes, culinary tours, parties and events.The chef this day was Lia Huber who is the founder of Nourish Network, that is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. The premise is simple. Donna and chef of the day guide you through the market, where they know all the farmers on a first name basis. They gather products and head back to a demonstration area where the food is prepped and cooked. Best of all you get to eat. They hand out recipes in case you what to recreate the food at home. The food today was Vietnamese Pork Patties in Butter Lettuce "Buns" with Herbs and Dipping Sauce. The recipe should be available on the Relish website soon. Here is a photographic journey through the market.
Relish Culinary Adventures - Shop With the Chef
Relish Culinary Adventures Shop with Nourish Network's Lia Huber

This was just the start of our day in Sonoma, more on the next blog.

During the cooking demonstration two chefs from the nearby Dry Creek Kitchen rolled by pulling a wagon of purchases from the market. I snapped a quick photo of the wagons contents because I was struck by the colorful arrangement. It may have been a random act but was beautiful none the less. A little research revealed the chef's identities. Chef Dustin Valette and Pastry Chef Yulanda Santos thank you for the still life shot.

Farmers' market goodies - Dry Creek Kitchen, Healdsburg


cookiecrumb said...

What a day! I can't wait to read more. Healdsburg is a long haul.

Zoomie said...

Oh, lovely! What fun to luck into an event like that and I love the idea of using butter lettuce for a bun.

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb- It is a little over and hour because I go the less traveled way. We hit a winery in the afternoon. Stay tuned.
Zoomie- It was fun and a well needed day in the sun. The recipe called for cilantro but the chef subbed in Shiso Leaves. A wonderful new taste for me.

Chilebrown said...

When ever we go to the Healdsburg market a stop at Bear Republic for a 'Racer 5' is required.

P.S. Everything is a long haul for the angry one.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- I saw Bear Republic.You could hit it with and organic tomato from the market.