Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Street Eats - Gambino's New York Subs

If you ever have a reason to be in the San Francisco Financial District with some free time on your hands; here's an idea. Make sure it is a weekday and wear black so you fit in. At noon, watch the workers stream out of their offices to procure their lunch. They won't notice you because they are making a beeline to their chosen food vendor. Be careful to avoid a collision with those multitasking texters. They seem to be oblivious to all, including traffic. Look for places that have long lines and observe what people are eating. Many are willing to tell you what they are eating and even let you take pictures. Wait until one o'clock and most of the lines are gone. Grab some food and enjoy the beautiful weather.

On this day I discovered Gambino's New York Subs. Fat sandwiches! I had the #11, The Gambino (ham, salami, hot coppa, mortadella and provolone $6.95). I ordered it "East Coast Style" (shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions, olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and herbs). A substantial. flavorful sando! They also have breakfast subs, bagels, salads, soup and very good coffee.
301 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 834-9120


Zoomie said...

If that was truly NY style, you wouldn't be able to get your mouth around it. I'm glad SF toned it down. Looks good -fresh and flavorful.

cookiecrumb said...

Yeah, I love oil and vinegar on a sub, hold the mustard. I would also like peperoncini in there... Really pretty.
Sandwiches are HOT.

Greg said...

Zoomie- Not Katz's Deli size but still pretty substantial for SF.
cookiecrumb- Hot! They also offer to make it "West Coast Style" with mustard,mayo and pickles.