Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day

We changed up our standard St. Patrick's Day feast just a bit. This year we used Robert's Beef again. Instead of the brisket we tried the round cut. I think it is bit leaner but still provides a great finished product. It makes wonderful sandwiches the next day. Another change was in the the making of the side dishes. Instead of boiling, we baked the potatoes with a little olive oil. The cabbage was blanched quickly in boiling water and both potatoes and cabbage were topped with a drizzle of lemon butter. I believe this method added an acid counterpoint to the rich salty beef. Not shown in the photo was a side dipping sauce made by adding a wee teaspoon of horseradish to about half a cup of of creme fraiche. Have a fun and safe holiday!
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Zoomie said...

I'm ashamed to say that St. Patrick's day sneaked up on me this year and I didn't have so much as an ounce of corned beef in the house. And me half- Irish! I should be ashamed.

cookiecrumb said...

We tinkered with the usual preparation too. Fun!
Your photo is lovely.

Greg said...

Zoomie- You can pick up some corned beef at great price for the weekend
cookiecrumb- Thanks.

Chilebrown said...

Did you go to Roberts in the City. I was on their site and they have a retail shop. I have never know about this. I feel a Meat Adventure brewing.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- I got the Roberts at Harvest Market in Novato.The butcher there raved about them. You should check it out.