Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You a Food Critic?

On a recent journey I was trying to surreptitiously photograph our dinner entrees with my stealth pocket camera. Just then a booming voice asked "are you a food critic ?" I had drawn the attention of a gentleman at the next table. I responded that I was a camera geek and always photographed my food. This seemed to disappoint him, for he was an importer of Peruvian Foods and was looking for a little publicity. We had a nice conversation about food, wine and travel. My identity as a blogger was never revealed.

With the advent of blogs and electronic media we all have become critics. In my world I try to write about the positive in my dining experience and let the negative succeed or fail on its own. I recently visited a local place that I blogged about five years ago. I often visit when I am in the mood for a fantastic pastry, fresh sandwich or a killer soup. To me it is a retro refuge near the library. A great place to read or people watch. On this occasion a lady in front of us was committing culinary kidnapping by asking so many silly questions. It seemed a challenge to her to stump the help. They were kind, gracious and answered all her inquires. The help here is knowledgeable and patient. This food critic says you guys rock!
Bacon, onion and cheese quiche. Huge portion!
Tortilla soup with warm dutch crunch roll.
Creekside Bakery
1719 Grant Avenue
Novato, CA 94945-2229
(415) 892-7655


Zoomie said...

Like you, I don't blog about negative experiences - I figure it might just be my mood or the one night they slip up - and we bloggers have power over their enterprises/salaries. But isn't it lovely that we have so many great places to write about? I will try this one soon!

Greg said...

Zoomie- I find the place comfortable and homey.