Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rumors and Speculation

Let the rumors begin! Everyone knows that I am attracted to food. On our way to the San Francisco Ferry Plaza yesterday I spotted a small buffet set up in front of 50 California. It was catering for a movie being filmed across the street.

The film crew was working on a San Francisco Yellow Cab that had attached cameras. Everything was very low profile with just a small crew, several equipment trucks and a single SFPD motorcycle officer escort.


We needed to be on a Ferry soon so I snapped a couple photos and we went on our way. Later back at the house I viewed the results. My kids insist that it is Julia Roberts in the back of the cab. I dunno? What do you think? A great start to a rumor.
Does this make me a paparazzi?


Zoomie said...

We see film crews in the Civic Center frequently, but rarely do we glimpse stars. They must be holed up in those long lines of mobile homes, waiting for their cues.

cookiecrumb said...

If she was laughing loud and maniacally, it was Julia Roberts. This passenger looks grumpy.
Still! Julia must have PMS now and then.

Greg said...

There used to be a place that would post what was filming in San Fran. I could not find a word about that on my internet search.Maybe they are worried about stalkers,

Rev. Biggles said...

That is so cool!

Unless when you left she was screaming at you to get the f out, then you're probably not a paparazzi. Sorry hey.

xo, Biggles

Yumble said...

Papa, paparazzi.