Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mining the Refrigerator

Eating While Broke

Getting by on a working man's salary in the Bay Area has been challenging for years. Living paycheck to paycheck becomes drudgery. At certain times rent and car payments trump the food budget. During the lean times one learns to use leftovers and pantry items to stretch the dollar. Beans and rice are the darlings of the frugal food experience. However, in our household potatoes have always been the go to starch to provide a filling base for whatever toppings we had available.

Over the weekend I challenged myself to come up with some simple potatoes by "mining the refrigerator." We have numerous bits and pieces languishing in the fridge that would provide a tasty lunch. I purchased the Idaho Potatoes at Trader Joe's for fifty-nine cents each. If you purchased in bulk that would be cheaper. Think of the potato as a canvas for your food creation.

Possible candidates from my refrigerator

Butter and shredded cheese
Sour cream mixed with horseradish
Ranch Dressing with blue cheese crumbles
Homemade Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette with Parmesan cheese
Chopped pepperoni and leftover vegetables
Frank's hot sauce and butter for "Buffalo Wing" style potato
Leftover bacon

April chose Meyer Lemon dressing and Parm Cheese/ Me: butter, sour cream and bacon!

I asked my son what he would like. His response was "all of the above and throw the leftover pizza slice on top!"


Zoomie said...

I love steamed broccoli and cheese sauce on my baked spuds but any of your toppings sound great, too! Bless the lowly but splendid potato!

Word verification is: eatiesm (I eaties 'em, too!)

Leanne said...

I found this blog while trying to figure out if I could write-off any condiments I taste-test for a blog (to save money!). The answer is not really, but these are great ideas for eating good on the cheap!

Greg said...

Zoomie- Lucky's Market used to give free taters with purchase and April would make all kinds of good stuff.
Leanne- It looks like you are an expert on condiments.