Monday, December 07, 2009

Peurto Vallarta Mexico

At this point in our cruise we have been lulled into a constant state of happiness. The staff on the Norwegian Sun are stealth in their endeavor to make us happy. When we go out to breakfast they quickly clean our cabin and stock us with towels and such. While we are at dinner they remake the room and leave us towel animals. This is a pampered lifestyle I could get used to. The price in right if you shop wisely. This 12 day 11 night cruise cost us about $1200 for two, inclusive of room and board. There are extra charges for tips, alcohol, tours and any other activities. We threw caution to the wind, a bit' and spent extra for incidentals. I felt like it was a bargain for such luxury.
Norwegian Sun party animal!

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta early to perfect weather. I was not feeling like the intrepid traveler so we decided to take a tour of the town. I negotiated $30 for an hour tour that took us through town in a new Nissan Van. At first it was a little unnerving as other cabs and vans pulled alongside us and had excited conversations with our driver. He explained he was the captain of the cab company's soccer team and the other drivers wanted to know about that day's game. The narrow cobblestone streets were teaming with cars and buses belching fumes but the city was beautiful nevertheless.
Puerto Vallarta old town photo by April

Just across from the ship there was a shopping area that included Walmart and next door was Galleria Vallarta, an upscale mall with Liverpool department store as an anchor.
Galleria Vallarta (left)
Wal -Mart Puerto Vallarta (right)

We hit the mall after our tour and found an impressive offering on par with Nordstroms or Macys. The food court was just like the U.S. versions. Subway and McDonald's offered their wares in Spanish. The stunning view overlooking the port was certainly not ordinary.
Norwegian Sun Puerto Vallarta

It was time to head back to the ship and enjoy the rest of the journey.


Zoomie said...

Wow, that really is a good price for all the fun you had and the beauty you enjoyed. Not to mention the pampering and towel snakes.

Greg said...
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Greg said...

Saved for over a year to finance the fun.Must save faster so we go again soon. Yes Zoomie it is all about the towel animals ;)