Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mazatlan Mexico

The whirlwind tour moves to Mazatlan. One unique thing about taking a cruise is going to your hotel room and unpacking once. Each night your hotel moves you to the next town, all the while providing splendid amenities.

On this stop we partake in a ship endorsed tour called Shrimp Fest. From the port we are shuttled in air conditioned vans to a private home on cross hill overlooking the city. Not much to look at from the front but once inside it is quite spectacular. Besides the great view there is a pool, hot tub and small gift shop. We are offered margaritas, beer and soft drinks. After a brief introduction we wander about the grounds and enjoy. The mother of the owner gives April and I a tour of her adjoining residence where we admire the stone and tile work. It seems prices here are about a quarter of what we paid for our stone at home. The yard is lush but we are told that a recent storm had taken a toll on the trees.
It was time for a feast. Shrimp three ways, deep fried, boiled and garlic saute. Included was rice, beans, fresh tortillas, guacamole and some spicy salsas. More beer and margaritas were quaffed as we relaxed and kept an eye on the boats in the harbor.
Norwegian Sun shrimpfest excursion
Carnival Splendor Mazatlan Mexico

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