Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Peurto De Pichilingue/ La Paz

Next day it's another port and accompanying city to explore. It's a rough job, but someone has to do it!
Peurto de Pichilingue is more of a tourist oriented port. It houses an attractive building with a marketplace and landscaping of Saguaro Cactus. A little farther down is the Baja Ferry that transports people, cars and cargo across the bay.
Puerto De Pichilingue Mexico


The ride into town is scenic as the desert grows to the sea. The Sagauro Cactus are everywhere and so are luxury resort residences and hotels. The bus dropped us in the Malecon area of town. The main street is next to the bay with restaurants, bars, shops and sights to see. It seems to be home to many artists and we purchased handmade earrings for our daughters. Statues and murals decorate a nearby courtyard.
We are here a few days before Dia De Los Muertos celebration. It is a remembrance of the departed and there are decorations in some of the stores
One thing I learned in Mexico is to be careful while walking. This was discussed somewhere in the shipboard tutorial that I mostly ignored. There is a more relaxed attitude towards building codes. The sidewalk will randomly drop a couple inches without notice. In the U.S. a construction zone will be lined with orange cones and signage. Here so is not the case. Someone was kind enough to place a plastic garbage can in an electrical box with no cover and a twelve inch drop. Watch your step! I did not follow my own advice as I stepped into the returning bus and flung myself in the open door unceremoniously. An elderly couple on board watched and lifted their beers to me. "Too much cerveza," they said. I replied, "Not enough!" and they pointed out a store nearby where I could purchase some for a dollar. Another observation I made was how tourists flock to the familiar. With all the unique restaurants and shops, a lot of our fellow passengers hung out at Applebee's and Thrifty ice cream.
With not enough time to fully explore this beautiful town, we head back to the ship. Tomorrow we will be in Mazatlan. Loving this vacation.


Zoomie said...

I trust you were not among those at Applebee's.

Greg said...

No Applebee's for me Zoomie.

Anonymous said...

I live in La Paz. Glad you liked it.