Saturday, November 21, 2009

Topolobampo/ Los Mochis Mexico

The itinerary of our recent Norwegian Cruise Line trip included five ports in Mexico. My plan is to write five blogs of impressions we had of each port.
Our first stop was the Port of Topolobampo. We woke up to a beautifully warm day. Customs arrangements for passengers to enter the country were being made, so we climbed on deck to peek out at our surroundings. The port is a no nonsense working pier. We had docked next to a freighter offloading as trucks and train cars stood by. Small fishing boats sped by as we waited for the word to go ashore.
Topolobampo Mexico

Finally we had permission to disembark and headed for the gangway. The ship's photographers scrambled to take pictures to sell us later. I was busy with my own camera trying to shoot a photo of the ship's logo.
Norwegian Sun, Topolopambo Mexico

Then I realized that I was missing something - my wife! It seems the ship issued identification card had demagnetized and she had to return for a replacement. As I waited, I eyeballed the long lines for the buses to take us to Los Mochis. In an impulsive moment I decided we should take one of the taxis queued up nearby. This is the place where old eighties and nineties cars come to live. The price was right, $20 for nearly 30 minute trip into town. We rode in a late eighties Datsun with no shocks, a speedometer that did not work and the windshield wiper was tied on with a piece of cotton bandage. We were living the Vida Loca! We passed a lot of poverty as we drove into town. Some homes with children and chickens playing in the yard barely qualified as shacks. A cowboy herding several cows in the median seemed strange. I felt sad and out of place but the people in town seemed happy to see us and were welcoming. I imagine the tourists brought a little money to the local economy. The cab dropped us downtown at what I would describe as a sixties style strip mall. Therein was a Woolworths and a bowling alley as well as a Burger King and KFC. Glad to see we are exporting our lifestyle to our neighbors to the south.
Los Mochis Mexico

We checked out the town square and the adjacent church. The folliage was lush and the warm weather was wearing us out. We decided it was time to return to the ship. This time we took the air conditioned bus. Back at the ship a group of local dancers entertained. We hung out on board and watched the sunset. Lovely!
Sunset aboard Norwegian Sun Topolobampo

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