Saturday, November 07, 2009

Second Honeymooon

We have reluctantly returned to reality after our second honeymoon. The experience was, in a word, magnificent. On Friday October 23 we boarded The Norwegian Cruise Lines Sun at pier 35 in San Francisco. We headed out under the Golden Gate Bridge for an eleven night, twelve day cruise to Mexico.
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Norwegian Sun

This was the longest time we have been away since our honeymoon 34 years ago. I am happy to report we still get along quite well and enjoyed every moment of the cruise. We stopped at five ports and had a whirlwind tour at each one. There really was not enough time to fully explore the towns but we tried to maximize our days. On the ship there is so many things to do you have to plot an agenda daily to to fully experience the boat. Even on our last day we were finding places on board we had not seen before. The food is excellent and abundant with many venues to try. At one of the nightly shows we attended the cruise director/ comedian said that the people boarded the ship as passengers and left as cargo. He was right on the money! With so many things to talk about I thought I would start with breakfast. Here is a small sample of what was available to start the day.

Breakfast on the Norwegian Sun


cookiecrumb said...

Aren't you two romantic?!
Happy 34 years, and best wishes for another 34.
Wow, what a trip (as the hippies used to say).

Zoomie said...

Okay, now I'm totally jealous. Happy anniversary and welcome back.

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb and Zoomie
Thank you!

Linda said...

Mmmm, biscuits and sausage gravy.

cruise deals said...

Second Honey Moon is a great idea! and celebrating it with a cruise? amazing!