Friday, December 11, 2009

Cabo San Lucas

The last Mexican port on our cruise is Cabo San Lucas. In my perception, it is the most beautiful of all our stops. Long strands of white beaches, brilliant blue water and sculpted rock formations signal your arrival.
Carnival Elation Cabo San Lucas

The cruise ships anchor out because the harbor is shallow. Small boats shuttle you to the port where you are greeted by a gauntlet of town's people vying for your tourist dollar. There are glass bottom boat rides, sport fishing and resorts to be visited. We choose to hang out in the port area and do what we laugh at tourists for back home: have our pictures taken with the locals!
We buy some souvenirs, hang out in a port side restaurant and play my favorite sport, people watching. On our last visit to Cabo, we purchased a hand painted ceramic tile depicting our ship, the Carnival Pride. We locate the vendor this time and he makes us a new tile of the Norwegian Sun to add to our collection. The view, the sunshine, and the margaritas make this wonderful day. Two more days to motor back to reality.
Tile artist Cabo San Lucas
Glass bottom boat marina Cabo San Lucas


Zoomie said...

Did you bring the iguana home? :-)

kudzu said...

I was lucky enough to go to Cabo BEFORE the build-up, when you had to drive from La Paz (I think). If you can believe this there were no hotels on the bluffs overlooking the sea -- in fact there were times when just below where the Twin Dolphins (or whatever the big 'un is called) we were the only people on the beach, my husband and I. There were maybe three stores in town, we ate in our hotel (the ancient Hotel Cabo up in the hills). It was heavenly. There were tourists who came to fish -- but mostly only a few Anglos rattling around the place. I'm almost afraid to ever go back.

Greg said...

Zoomie- The Iguana remains south of the border. He did not have the proper documents to board the ship ;)
Kudzu - I can only imagine how nice that was.Even in the last two years since we were there it has grown enormously.