Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet you halfway

We got a chance to hang out with my brother and his wife last weekend. He lives near Reno, so we met in Davis to minimize both of our driving times. I've blogged before about Davis. It's a town filled with restaurants and a great destination for a one night visit.

We had pizza and cold beer for lunch at Uncle Vito's Slice of New York Pizza. Stimulating conversation and laughter followed. A dip in the pool, a nap followed by free cocktails at the Hallmark Inn and it was time for dinner at Seasons Restaurant.

Warm Local Olives
Kennebec Fries - Housemade Poblano Ketchup

BBQ Shrimp - Anson Mills Cheddar Grits - Bacon Cracklings
Bledsoe Lamb Chops - Del Rio Braised Greens - Sausage - Peach Jam

A lucky pick off the wine list, Rominger West Sauvignon Blanc was crisp with enough flavor to stand up to the entrees.

Oh yes we did have dessert!
My brother and I had items off the "sweet bites" section of the menu. I like the idea of just a small taste for dessert.
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie
Gelato Du Jour

The wives split a standard dessert
Bellweather Ricotta, Berries, Organic Honey, Shortbread


Zoomie said...

Okay, I'm headed to Davis very soon! Sounds like a really fun time with yo' bro and his lady.

kudzu said...

Only in northern California could a serving of artisanal ricotta, fruit, and organic honey be considered a "standard dessert" !

BTW April owes me a cookie recipe from way back when -- she promised!

Greg said...

Zoomie- Always a good time in Davis
kudzu- A poor choice of words indeed! I meant the larger size dessert menu. I have less attached guilt eating the small bites. April continues the search for the cookie recipe.

Sara Popken said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc! Next time you're in Davis, head over to Rominger West Winery on second street and taste some more wines!

If you ask for me, I can pour you a complimentary taste!