Saturday, August 08, 2009

Flash Back Flash Foward

We took an afternoon in Mill Valley to watch my son play club soccer. The game had a late start time so we took a brief detour over to Sausalito to visit Heath Ceramics. April has been wanting to tile the entryway to our humble abode, so we decided to check out the goods.

As we walked through the doors we were graciously welcomed and asked if we had been there before. The question interrupted my gazing upon displays of rustic, colorful dinnerware. I answered yes we had, about a million years ago. This response drew a few laughs, but my mind was flashing back to the seventies when we had received a few pieces of Heath dinnerware as wedding gifts. We had visited the place a couple of times on dates in Sausalito. It remains pretty much the same as it was then, perhaps a little more upscale but still earthy and wonderful. If you are in neighborhood check it out.

Heath Ceramics
400 Gate Five Rd.
Sausalito, Ca. 94965


Zoomie said...

They use Heath dinnerware at Stellina in Point Reyes Station - we ate from it yesterday and it is beautiful. Pricey, though, as most things worth having are!

cookiecrumb said...

Nuts, you just reminded me it's time to add to my problem -- er, I mean my collection. I think vases, next.
Wonderful pix, Greg.

margot said...

Beautiful dishes! I'm in Corte Madera and I've never been in that shop; I'll have to check it out.

denise said...

Sausalito seems to be the place for ceramics and pottery. I adore Heath Ceramics--beautiful tiles, bowls, mugs, plates, etc. For quite some time now I've been spending my Thursdays working on my own skills at Sausalito Pottery. I really enjoy perusing Heath and crafting my own work at Sausalito Pottery.