Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hedge Fund

We are living in new times and everything is being redefined. Hedge fund was a term that applied to aggressive investing. These days I have my own personal hedge fund. Last season we planted a number of herbs in half wine barrels. They provided fresh and and tasty additions to our dishes. Most of the herbs died off during the winter but the flat leaf parsley, not only survived, but jumped barrel and took root in most any small area of soil it could find. It is now literally a hedge of parsley and we have been investing in it aggressively.

One of our favorite uses is in a concoction called chimichurri sauce. Many versions are found but ours consists mainly of chopped parsley, olive oil, Meyer lemon juice and salt and pepper. A little chopped garlic, fresh oregano and pepper flakes wouldn't hurt the recipe. Traditionally this sauce is used on beef but adds zest to most anything. Pictured below I added a dollop of chimichurri to a bacon, cheese and tomato frittata I made for Sunday Brunch.


Zoomie said...

Oh, man, that looks really good! Is it different from cilantro, or another name for cilantro?

Greg said...

It is Italian flat parsley but has taken on giant proportions.