Friday, April 10, 2009

Runaway Weekend Napa

We decided to runaway to Downtown Napa last weekend. In the name of full disclosure it was only one day and not the whole weekend but it was great fun anyway. We arrived mid morning, the sun was shining but very few people were out and about. We checked out Oxbow Public Market next to the now shuttered Copia. The stores there were in the process of opening and it seemed a little sleepy. We walked across the Napa river and strolled the downtown area. A small town feel with loads of restaurants and stores ready to greet you. I had my camera at ready and it seemed like everywhere I pointed it, I came up with stellar photos. We jumped into the car and took a short ride over to the Embassy Suites Napa. From the outside it doesn't look special but once inside, the huge ranch-like lobby and out to the interior courtyard; this place rocks! Two swimming pools, ponds with Swans, ducks and statuary make it seem like a private hideaway. Word of caution, the black swan does not like his picture taken! The Embassy's rates start around $189 at this writing. This rate includes a full breakfast daily and an evening manager's beverage reception so it seems like a value to me.

We returned to the Oxbow Market and wandered about admiring the many gourmet shops and restaurants. The smells alone would make me want to return here. We decided to have lunch at Rotisario. I had the Porchetta plate with green salad and french fries ($12.50). So much porky goodness! We will definitely be back here to check out the other stores with special note to Five Dot Ranch, that has the most beautiful looking meat case, and Picapica Maize Kitchen for some fine looking arepas.


Zoomie said...

Wow, really spectacular photos and the presentation is great, too, with the cascading images! What a great getaway! I'm going to have to steal My Beloved away and play copycat to your adventure!

Greg said...

Thanks Zoomie we had great fun so much we went back this week.

cookiecrumb said...

I daresay you're going to fall more in love with life North of the Bridge.
Sounds wonderful.

Linda said...

Josh and I are planning our own runaway Monday to Napa. Of course, the original reason was so I can hit up the outlets and perhaps score some good deals on my beloved MAC cosmetics. But we may hit up some of the more refined things Napa has to offer. Maybe. :)