Saturday, March 28, 2009

About town

I got an email from my friend Sandi who follows my blog. She asked "what's up with the rainbows and butterflies? Next thing you know I'll be seeing pictures of kitty cats." This blog is supposed to be about people, places and food.

Last Saturday we finally got out from under our funk and took a cruise to San Francisco. We do that quite often but each time we discover something new. As we motored toward the city the clouds hung like a shroud over the Golden Gate Bridge. Off in the distance we could see a large cruise ship docked at Pier 35. It turned out to be the new Carnival ship Splendor. My wife keeps track of the cruises available out of San Fran and was sure this was a mirage because Carnival doesn't depart from our city. We zipped our windbreakers and trudged up the Embarcadero to see what's up. It really was the Splendor leaving for a two day tour up the west coast. Resisting the urge to smuggle ourselves in someone's luggage, we continued our sightseeing/exercise walk.

We returned back to the Ferry Plaza Marketplace in search of lunch. Saturdays the stores are always jammed and we decided to just grab some bread at Acme and munch. To our delight Acme is serving premade sandwiches on their fantastic rustic baguette. I had the cheese sandwich with Mt. Tam triple creme cheese, fruit jam, arugula and black pepper. April had the salame with Fra Mani Salame, cornichons and butter. At first blush, the sandwiches appeared a little skimpy. My brain was used to the American style sandwich stacked high with meat. The Acme sandwiches are more of an Italian style with smaller quantities of rich, highly flavored ingredients. In a word they were magnificent.

Looking forward to more travels and better blogging.
sandwiches for an instant picnic.

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Zoomie said...

You two always have a blast when you go to the city! BTW, cruises are just about the best vacation value you can get because the price includes everything but the alcohol. Don't resist! Go!