Saturday, December 13, 2008

Work that B Day

I used my B day to justify another run away weekend. I searched the Internet and found a reasonably priced hotel near the University of California Davis. The downtown area is a laid back college enclave with lots of youthful energy.There are many bars and restaurants and spectacular people watching. It is also the location of my first attempt at blogging in 2005. We stayed at the Hallmark Inn, which has been remodeled and looks spectacular. The rate includes breakfast and cocktails in the evening so that keeps the need to feed oneself to a minimum.

If we had wanted to ride the Amtrak like our trip to Old Town Sacramento the station is a block away.We drove and took advantage of the free parking. Saturday morning farmers' market was busy and we purchased a Muscat De Provence squash for future soup making. At lunch time we were drawn to a mural advertising Uncle Vito's slice N.Y. pizza. They sell slices that are meal sized and are thin crust New York foldable. It was one of the best pizzas we've had in a long time. I did have a little entree envy when I eyed the garlic fries and hot wings at the table next to us.We can try those on another weekend
pepperoni and go Aggie's combo

There are plenty of things to do in town and we found Davis Wiki to be a great resource. After a long walk and nap we enjoyed the free cocktails and bar mix. The hotel was seemingly empty and we received lots of personal attention from the staff, a nice amenity. We hoofed it across the street and enjoyed dinner at Pluto's. Lots of good food cheap. Can we do this every weekend?


Amy Sherman said...

Happy belated birthday!

cookiecrumb said...

"Can we do this every weekend?"

You should! Sounds like a blast.

Happy B-Day.

Rev. Biggles said...

Yay! Happy birthday mang! And that sounds like a great trip, actually followed the links to the hotel and others. The boys and I love doing such things. It's a world away without leaving the area.

xo, Biggles

Zoomie said...

Happy Birthday, a little late! We love Davis - going there on the train is fun, too. Next time, check out the Artery - great gift place, a local artist co-op. Thanks for the pizza idea - next time!