Saturday, March 26, 2005

Davis Roadtrip

Davis is one of my favorite California towns. We arrived on Saturday morning. It was farmers market day. First things first. Pilars tamales cart. I had the pork tamale and the wife had the cheese. Not mostly absent pieces of pork,but big chunks! Two types of salsa were offered. The chunky tomato salsa fresca had just a little heat, but the darker salsa really lit my fire. Nothing like a little burn early in the morning.
We walked the downtown area. It seems that people are not(except for the market) early risers. Decided to try to check into our hotel( Hallmark Inn) but were denied. It was really early.
Next stop was the Amtrak station. We thought we would take the train to Old Town Sacramento. Does the train stop near old town? No one knew, so we elected to drive. The drive was not fun. So many sport uts heading to Tahoe at a 95 mph. Trying to push each other out of the way. We made it only to find that yes the train does stop near old town. Next time the train. It was lovely in old town and we walked, enjoying the stores that were trying to separate us from our money.
It was time again to eat. We ended up at the embassy Suites Hotel. Lunch at the bar consisted of a split order of fish and chips and a draft beer. Chips most excellent, fish OK. Tried the Fat tire ale. Yummy. After wandering the State Capitol and hitting the nearby mall to replace wife's oh so stylish , but uncomfortable shoes we returned to Davis.
We checked into the hotel ($89 internet rate) and began to scope our dinner options. The hotel includes a Managers Reception. The generous barman provided needed vodka martini for me and chardonnay for wife, along with dinner suggestions. We decided on Season's. It is attached to the hotel and used to be a Lyons. The food and the ambiance sure are not on par with Lyons anymore. Crab cakes with aolli and fried calamari with kafir lime dressing started the meal. The crab was excellent, but the calamari was supreme. Tried to boost the recipe, but the staff was sworn to secrecy. We shared a entree of flatbread (pizza) that excelled as well. Shared apple crisp, caffe latte and port for me. Half bottle of Bonny Doon Le Cigare Volant ($28). Total bill before tax $82. Not bad.
Next morning we enjoyed the included breakfast. The standard continental stuff plus ham,cheese and hard boiled eggs. Enjoyed the trip.

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Anonymous said...

Davis is a fun town with lots of reasonably priced food. Looking forward to more about Davis.