Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tomato Jamming.

I did not expect to have much of tomato harvest this year. We had planted late and the weather would not cooperate. Lo and behold we have tomatoes now, loads of tomatoes. We have gifted friends and coworkers with baskets of gold, orange and red tomato jewels. It was time to look for a new way to deal with the bounty. I had printed a copy of Mark Bitman's tomato jam recipe and located it folded in the bottom of my backpack.

All ingredients were on hand with the exception of clove so the jamming began. I was just about done when my son, the lover of all things Indian, entered the house.

"I smell Indian food being cooked," he announced.
"No, just tomato jam."
"Smells more like chutney."

It turns out he was correct. The spices called for are some of the base components for garam masala, a popular Indian flavoring. I've always wanted to play around with Indian food and did it by accident. Call it tomato jam or call it tomato chutney. Just make sure you call me for dinner!


Zoomie said...

Tomatoes and garam masala sound like a great combination - but what do you use it for?

Greg said...

I've used it with cream cheese on crackers and with chicken. The peppers give it a little kick.

Zoomie said...

Both sound like great ideas! I have a chicken in the fridge right now...