Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feeding the economy

We did our best to feed the economy this weekend, and ourselves as well. I decided on Saturday morning to play roulette. I plugged in San Francisco as my destination and displayed on screen were a bevy of very expensive hotels in the city. Closer to the airport were some more reasonable choices. A suites hotel for $79 a night. We filled in the blanks a ended up at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame. The room was larger than our first apartment! A living room, dining area, refrigerator, wetbar and microwave separated from the bedroom and then there was the two flat screen T.V's. I could live here long term.

The hotel is located in a park like setting on the bay with a killer view of the planes landing at SFO. We took a little time to store up on some vittles for lunch and dinner. Check out Lunardi's market a couple miles away, they have a handsome prepared foods section.
We took a nice walk after lunch and intended to use the pool and work out facilities but laziness and the fact that the pool was packed with a million screaming kids cancelled that idea. The price of the hotel includes a full hot breakfast and a "managers reception". The reception includes cocktails and snacks. April flashed her killer smile at the bartender and I threw dollars bills in the tip jar so the cocktails were more than generous. The snacks consisted of goldfish and mini pretzels. Not gourmet but some of my favorites.
As I write this blog I am fighting a food coma from the breakfast I just consumed. I think it is time for another walk! All and all a wonderful trip for a price tag of $125.
view from our room
The breakfast place


cookiecrumb said...

You kids are too cute.

kudzu said...

Embassy Suites! It's my daughter's favorite home away from home, for many reasons. Usually, it really is a NO SMOKING lodging and because she has three (no longer screaming) offspring they make out like crazy with the breakfast setup and the in-suite amenities (usually a fridge, etc.) for snacks. I loved my stay in one in Atlanta. You're so smart: I never think of hoteling it here and always draw a blank when visitors ask me for recommendations -- since my perks of fancy hotels are a thing of the past.

Anna Haight said...

What fun you have and show us how to have locally and reasonably!

Zoomie said...

Great idea to check out the online possibilities!