Sunday, October 05, 2008

Expect Anything

It was predicted to be a rainy day on Saturday but when we ventured outside the rain had stopped and gray clouds lingered. April suggested it might nicer in San Francisco, so off we went. We have a regular routine of taking the Larkspur Ferry to the Ferry Plaza and then we walk across the street to the Hyatt Regency where we use the facilities and then head off to our designation. On the way back home we make another stop at the Hyatt and have cocktails and snacks at their 13 Views bar. The last two visits that bar has been closed and replaced by a small uncomfortable bar plopped in the middle of the new restaurant. I suggest they name this bar the "No View" bar. I asked the bartender about the change and he said they would use the old bar for banquets. Why on earth would you change something so splendid? The old bar stools were very comfortable with the people watching and view superb. Sometimes change is good and sometimes it's NOT!

We would go in search of another bar to replace our favorite. We jumped on Muni and made our way into The Palace Hotel. The Pied Piper bar is a lovely room done in wood that would be impossibly expensive to reproduce these days. We checked out the The Garden Court where brunch is held. It is so magnificent and regal and would make a great replacement.
The Garden Court

It was early yet and there are many great places around this area so we continued our search. As we exited the hotel, we heard loud music and saw bright colors. Like moths to the flame we headed straight into the chaos. We stumbled into the staging area of the San Francisco Love Fest. It was a parade, Halloween and a bawdy Vegas review all rolled into one. Energetic people dancing and partying and wearing crazy outfits. I observed "wardrobe malfunctions" everywhere! We went from sedate to crazy in a block, what great fun. In San Francisco expect anything!
The parade roared off and with our ears still ringing we called my daughter who works nearby to have lunch with us. At her suggestion we ended we ended up at the Thirsty Bear for Tapas and sangria. We shared fried calamari, baby back ribs, patatas bravas, and flatbread with chorizo and peppers. The food was as exciting as the parade and the sangria outstanding.


kudzu said...

Let me congratulate you on reporting on why people love living in the Bay Area. You and A. certainly make the most of your weekends!

Zoomie said...

Sounds like a blast - don't you just love the Garden Court? Great place for brunch...

Anna Haight said...

I love the Palace Hotel! I was at a holiday party there once, overlooking the Garden Court in all its holiday finery.. it was breathtaking!