Sunday, September 14, 2008

A little bit country

Somewhere in one of the many pounds of food related literature I read weekly I saw an
ad for Sonoma wine country. It touted Sonoma as the part of wine country that still was "country". We have always loved the town of Healdsburg in Sonoma County and used to visit many times a year. We have been suppressing our urge to drive lately but when we had to go to Santa Rosa Junior college with our youngest we decided to pay a visit to the weekly farmer's market.
Healdsburg has gone a bit upscale with pricey hotels and expensive restaurants but it still has a hometown feel to it. As we walked in the downtown area it was a unique United Nations diversity of people. The hotel guests in their finery and the day laborers standing in the park hoping to get a day's work. It's great people watching. Pick a nice spot and watch the world go by.
The farmer's market is one of my favorites. Lot's of great produce and food, a band, flowers and funky old pickup trucks. We bought some housemade chorizo from Santi Restaurant, peaches, apples and chard. To top it all off we obseved a local chef demonstration sponsored by Relish culinary adventures. I would say Healdburg is a little bit country and little bit rock and roll. Oh now I've gone and quoted a Donnie and Marie Osmond song! It must have been a senior moment.


cookiecrumb said...

Greg, I will kill you for that.
Darn, now I gotta start humming Cat Stevens to get that outta my head.

Zoomie said...

Look at all that glorious produce! I don't need another farmer's market but I'm tempted!