Saturday, September 06, 2008

Plain brown wrapper

I always associated the plain brown wrapper with clandestine products that were delivered to avoid the prying eyes of your neighbors. Perhaps that is why I think I should not reveal the location of this blog. I can tell you this. It is a focaccia bakery and has a nondescript exterior and has been on the corner near a church in San Francisco for many years. I always look over my shoulder to make sure no one sees me enter. I know that most of the locals know of this place but as they say "loose lips sink ships". I don't want to let too many people in on the secret.
Once inside there are no fancy displays like the Ferry Plaza market place. Just a plain sign that lists the types of focaccia and the price. The workers go to the back room grab the product you select and then wrap it ceremoniously in plain white paper with white string. Then it is placed in a plastic bag with no logo. If you crane your neck a little you can peer into the back room and see the massive oven that produces tasty bread. As a camera nerd my mind dares to ask if could go back and take pictures but I feel I might be banished forever. Please don't tell anyone about this place because it only makes a limited amount of bread and when it runs out you're out of luck. Let this be our little secret.
Plain white wrapper
Rosemary Focaccia


cookiecrumb said...

At the very least, then, you'd better bring some to Pam's picnic!

Zoomie said...

What Cookiecrumb said - and, don't worry, we'll weasel the name out of you sooner or later! :-)

kudzu said...

I know this landmark, too. Used to have my husband pick up focaccia for our Mill Valley Christmas Eve open house along with goodies from a favorite deli in North Beach (not Molinari). Their bread is absolutely authentic and should be held up as the example of focaccia at its finest.