Saturday, September 20, 2008

Awful Awful

We are hanging out in Reno this weekend visiting family. My brother Tom knows I'm always looking for fun and cheap food adventures. He has been recommending the "Awful Awful" burger at the Little Nugget in downtown Reno. The "AA" burger is a $6.00 half pound burger served with a huge pile of french fries. For whatever reason we never made it there. We were up early and taking a walk and looking for coffee when I spotted the place and went in to check it out. As it turns out they also serve breakfast we couldn't resist.
We rolled through the smoke filled slot casino and the bar filled with patrons drinking beer at nine in the morning to the small diner in the back. The place is not long on atmosphere but the staff was smiling and welcoming. We ordered a couple of the inexpensive breakfast specials thinking we were not really that hungry. April ordered the two pancakes and and one egg special for $1.99. I had the biscuits with sausage gravy for $3.50. When our food arrived we realized this place was not for lightweights. The pancakes were the size of truck tires and the biscuits with gravy would probably feed a family of four. Both were excellent. We ate what we could and were about to leave when one of the aforementioned Awful Awful's went by. Definitely a two handed burger in need of a lot of napkins. Oh yes we will be back with an appetite. Huge breakfast including coffee for $8.04 now that's what makes my day.

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