Sunday, June 08, 2008

In from the cold

If you read my blog you already know that I am in love with San Francisco. In order to save a little money I purchased a book of ferry tickets from Larkspur to San Fran. Somehow we didn't use them up and they were about to expire. I used this as a motivation to go to the city on a day I probably would have stayed indoors.The weather there last Saturday was chilly and windy. We bundled up and decided to go and walk around to get excercise and scout locations for a series of picnics we want to have this summer. The plan was to walk, eat and go home.
We left the ferry and walked towards Fisherman's Wharf. We laughed at the thought of the tourists in their shorts queuing up to purchase SF sweatshirts. The laugh was on us. Even with the heavy clothing we wore it was just plain cold. Way too cold for us anyway. We wanted to be indoors so we studied our options. The ferry back home was three hours away and most of the restaurants and bars were packed and expensive. Just then we passed a packaging store that had Internet access. In moments we had booked a room at the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf on The cost was not much more than having lunch and cocktails for three hours.
Trader Joe's was a block away and we picked up goodies for an in room picnic. Cheese, crackers, salami and two bottles of wine all for less than the cost of two bar cocktails. My wife wanted to watch the Giants game but alas it was not broadcast. A free HBO movie and a nap followed.
The evening seem to warm up so we ventured out. The wharf was crowded but entertaining. We had yet to check out the newer Boudin's Bakery. If Willie Wonka had done bread instead of chocolate this would be his place. On one side you can watch the bakers working with dough and baking bread. The bread is transported in stainless baskets on an overhead conveyor to the retail side where copious amounts of clam chowder are served. There is also a respectable gourmet foods section.
gourmet section
I wanted to have drinks at the Buena Vista because my parents used to hang out there. It was crowded as well. My margarita loving wife pointed out Las Margaritas down the street in The Cannery and I reluctantly followed. As it turned out this place was a find. The bar had a huge tequila section and the bartender picked some examples for us to taste with some bar snacks. We were warm at last and decided to turn in.
The next morning we woke early and wandered the now empty wharf and got some great photos of fishing boats. Sometimes I forget this is an actual working wharf with real working fishermen in residence.
We returned to the Cannery and had breakfast pastries at another great find, the Waterfront Bakery, serving wonderful pastries, bread and sandwiches. We sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Saturday cold and Sunday warm that's San Francisco.
Waterfront Bakery


Zoomie said...

You guys have a way of turning adversity into just plain fun! I'm glad your second day was warm and still!

Mona said...

shhh, don't tell but my office has an opening in san francisco. i may just have to apply! i was worried i'd come to your site and see you not blogging lately. thank goodness you're still in the game. hope you're well, greg! -m