Monday, May 26, 2008

For the birds

It is Memorial day and the weather is for the birds. It is one of the weekends we stay close to home because every one and their friend is out roaming the highways. I expect we will cook up a big old slab of meat on the grill later. To entertain myself meanwhile I've been trying to photograph the elusive, speedy hummingbirds attracted my wife's feeder. It seems not only hummingbirds like the feeder but also orioles. Have a great holiday.
Anna's hummingbird
When the hummingbirds fight among themselves the oriole pops in and snatches the nectar


Zoomie said...

How wonderful to see the oriole, too! We only see Ruby Throated Hummers on our side of the bay but then I don't put out food for them, just cultivate a bush that they love.

Noble pig said...

Lovely pics!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos & blog!

Rev. Biggles said...

Ya know, it wasn't all that bad. We drove from Richmond to Napa and back that day, rarely went below 65. Left at 1, came back around 4:30, crazy. I would have expected all kinds of traffic along the 80 and up in the Napa area, nope.


Greg said...

Thanks all for your comments!