Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's Get Wild

The high from our Mexican Riviera Cruise is starting to fade and I needed a quick day trip to someplace wild. What could be wilder than Wildcare located in San Rafael Ca., about ten miles from our home. They operate a wild life rehab center for injured animals. In addition they educate humans about interacting with wild life. It is a great place for kids of all ages and would be a wonderful place to donate time or money. We arrived just around 1230 when the animals are fed. It was fun to see some of our areas animals up close.
Where's lunch?

Speaking of lunch we decided to visit Saigon Village just about a block away. Fantastic Vietnamese food.

76 Albert Park Ln.
San Rafael, Ca. 94901

Saigon Village
720 B St.
San Rafael Ca. 94901

1 comment:

cookiecrumb said...

Totally cool! Thanks for yet another idea for a fun, local field trip.
Just today, for the FIRST time, I finally went for a picnic at the Marin French Cheese Co. (your idea).
It was delightful.
Next, birdieland.
And Saigon Village. Thanks again.